Upgrade your home or business with exquisite windows and doors from JB Windows & Doors. We offer a wide variety of brands, have in-house installation and the best prices around! We are better than the best. Contact us today and see why we're the preferred service in the San Diego area.

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JB Windows and Doors are your local experts in the design, installation and repair of windows and doors in the San Diego, CA area. Why should you trust your home or business to JB Windows and Doors? The answer is simple, when we declare that we are “better than the best”, we back that statement with over 20 years of industry experience and knowledge of not only what is aesthetically pleasing to our customers, but also what is energy efficient and practical. They say that in life there are few guarantees, that's why at JB Windows & Doors we take pride in guaranteeing our customers that when you shop with us, not only will you receive unparalleled service and professionalism but you'll be met at your home or business by OUR installers. At JB Windows & Doors we do not entrust our customers, nor their businesses or homes to subcontractors, this ensures your safety, our accountability, courtesy and know how when dealing with our company.

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JB Windows & Doors is the pinnacle of window and door design and installation in San Diego, California. Our products are top notch and our services range to offer affordable, competitive pricing options to our customers. Whether you're a homemaker looking for a more comfortable surrounding or a business person looking to bring added value to your investment property, JB Windows and Doors has something for you! Our installers have the ability to do remodels, retrofit, cut ins, security doors, sky lights, awnings, shutters, shades and much more!

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Making the right choice for your home or business

When shopping for windows and doors for your home or business, selecting the right options can often be a daunting task. There are a wide range of styles, functions and options that can leave even the most experienced decorator feeling overwhelmed and mentally exhausted. While this can be seen as a negative to an inexperienced buyer, this is considered an asset to professionals such as ours. Having a lot of options ensures that your individuality can be placed on display and that your satisfaction is likely. Our selections include options ranging from fiberglass and aluminum to vinyl and wood, these options not only create comfort but also have a HUGE impact on savings, which we know you'll appreciate.


Josh and his team do great work and use very nice quality windows. They put in 3 10 ft sliders for me a few years ago and I have not had any issues with them. Josh has great prices and great service, you can't lose!

-Elmo G., San Diego, CA